Arthur Dubois


Born in 1994 in France Arthur began music at 10 in music school. At 15 he began studying at the Nîmes conservatory (south of France ) and graduated in 2014. He studies , takes lessons and masterclass with Franck Agulhon, Adrien and Gerard Pichon, Vincent Barnavol, Tigran Hamasyan, Al Jarreau, Avishai Cohen, Marcus Miller, Roy Hargrove, Ari Hoenig, Richard Bona..
Arthur is part of this new generation of very active musicians with multiple functions (drummer, producer, composer .. ) Musician without limits from jazz to rock, hip hop to electronic, Arthur played in several formations in france.
Why AGOP ?
« my philosophy as a musician is to learn and respect the tradition to create the future in the present ! for me Agop is the original sound with a look at the future.. We can’t have this sound with other brands.. AGOP a step in the past and one in the future to make the difference in the present. That’s amazing »

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