Ton Dijkman
Ton Dijkman
BAND: Marco Borsato / Vintage Future & Mell
Ton is one of the most popular session drummers in the Netherlands. Ton's great love is soul music. However, his versatility lead to co-operation with artists such as Marco Borsato, Steve Lukather (Toto), Paul Young, Thé Lau, 3J's, and Brownie Dutch.

Ton started playing drums when he was already 17 years old. He’s self-taught. Since then he played in different bands. In 1979 Ton joined the Dizzy Man's Band. This made it possible for him to become a professional drummer. His contributions can be heard on the album Golden Greats. In 1983, Ton joined the group Pickpocket. He sang and wrote the songs. The band was pretty successful , but since most of the bandmembers were to busy with other projects, the band broke up in 1985. In 1987 Golden Earring frontman Barry Hay released his solo album "Victory or Bad Taste" . Ton played the drums .

In 1991 Ton started his collaboration with Marco Borsato. Borsato releaesed his Italian album "Sento" . Ton played the drums and would do that on all future records of Borsato! From 1992 till 1995 Ton did a lot of recordings and live performances with artists like The Cats, Bill van Dijk, BB Queen and Wolter Kroes. Ton was a permanent member of Jan Akkerman’s band. In 1993 Ton released the album "Natural Desire" of the fusion group Free Kick. In 1996 and 1997 Ton was on tour in the Netherlands and abroad with Candy Dulfer and Jan Akkerman. During this period he also made recordings with Angela Groothuizen, Tim Immers and Rob de Nijs.

In 1997, 1998 and 1999 Ton was chosen as “Best Drummer from the Benelux” by the readers from De Slagwerkkrant, dutch drummagazine.

In 1998 Ton composed along on the new album of Marco Borsato. On the album "Destination" he wrote with Ferry Lions and John Ewbank the songs "Let it go" and "Only You".

In 1999, Ton toured with Jan Akkerman and recorded with Jeroen van der Boom, Gordon and Daniel Boissevain.

In 2000 Ton released his solo album "Sliding" . [Street Legal - Sliding] On this album Ton was playing drums, but also doing the vocals. He wrote all the songs. Jan Akkerman, but also members of Marco Borsato’s band contributed to the album. In 2002 Ton played with Marco Borsato three times in a complete sold out Rotterdam Socces Stadium (De Kuip).

In 2003 Ton participated in "Idols". Ton played drums in the live shows and the recordings of the finalist acts.

In 2004 Ton played with Marco Borsato 10x in the Antwerp Sportspalace and 6x (again) in the Rotterdam Kuip. He also played the drums on 4 hitsingles that year . All number 1 hits! Two of them were songs from Marco Borsato.

[Tone - Half Soul] In 2006 Ton recorded a new album and single, called "Half Soul", together with Ferry van Leeuwen, Ali B. and Lodewijk van Gorp.

In 2007 Ton contributes to the album of Edsilia Rombley and Berget Lewis.
In 2008 Ton played on recordings with Glennis Grace and 3J's.

In 2010 Ton played in the Arsenal Theatre along with Steve Lukather (TOTO guitarist) in Vlissingen, where Lukather received the Eddy Christiani Award. In June of the same year , Ton played a brilliant show with Marco Borsato 2x in a sold out Westerpark in Amsterdam.
In September of 2010, the single of the 3J's "What is Dreaming", on which Ton played drums, became No. 1 in the Single Top 100. In October of the same year Ton passed with Marco Minnemann a rousing clinic for InterDrum , during their 12½ anniversary .

In 2011 Dutch public heard for the first time the 5 live songs that were written for the 3J's Eurovision Song Contest. Ton had played drums on these songs. Eventually, the song "You Never Fight Alone" was selected and translated into English.
In May 2011 Ton played with Marco Borsato 4x in a sold out Gelredome the 3Dimensions Tour. [Streetlegal 3] Also, 5 shows in the Antwerp Sporstpalace. After this tour followed a theatre tour with Marco Borsato in the Netherlands and Belgium.
In the same year Ton assisted Marco Borsato in the successful RTL4 program "The Voice of Holland." In 2012 Ton assisted Marco Borsato again in a new season of "The Voice of Holland." This also happened in 2013, 2014 and 2015!

In November 2013, the 3rd album from Ton was released. The album was called "streetlegal 3". It was a collaboration with Eric van de Bovenkamp and Norbert Sollewijn Gelpke. Lodewijk van Gorp also cooperated with a song on the album.
20" Mantra Crash
20" Mantra Crash
15" Mantra Hi-Hats
22" Mantra Ride