Federico Maragoni

Studies and live activity
1986 - Federico Maragoni was born in Latina ( Italy ) on 28 November 1986.
1994 - As a young boy he began studying drums at the " Drums School" of the
master Sandro Palmacci of Terracina. Frederick began to study the fundamentals of
drums, grooves, and linear rudiments phrasing . By the time focused his studies on
the Rock , Funk, Progressive, use of double pedal and speed to the set.
2002 - As a teenager begins the first live activity in the low - center Lazio along with
several progressive rock bands , including the band " Athea " with guitarist and
Maestro Nicola Carpanese.
With Adimiron
2008-2009 - Moved to Rome where he began working with the band Metal Adimiron
( ) which begins with the first live performances of launch dates
mainly with Italian support to artists Metal and international headlining show in
southern Italy.
2009 - Record WAKES UP WHEN REALITY , the second disc of the band Adimiron with
which the band is thrown into an intense live activity .
2010 - Begins his academic record at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome
followed by the Master DANIELE Chiantese .
After a few festivals along with TEXTURES , CALIBAN , at the end of 2010 a part in a
European tour with his own band at the opening to the historians ANNIHILATOR .
2011 - Record K2 , the third album of the band and is involved in two long European
tour with DEATH ANGEL and GORGOROTH and VADER . In Italy are the opening
2012 - Two more European tours in the company of Cattle Decapitation ,
SUFFOCATION and VADER . It closes 2012 with a headlining tour in Russia and
2013/ Present - Other European tour in early 2013 along with the Poles VADER .
In April, part of the first American tour with SUFFOCATION . He also began working
with BANDHAPPY for the American tour , known portal of online lessons and pre- live
shows .
He moved to Viterbo and began working as teaching privately.
The end of 2013 started to record the new album with Adimiron and long European
tour with DEATH ANGEL .
| | | Side Projects | | |
2010 - 2014 He founded the band Plastic Marble , with electronic music , bass, DJ,
and live projections and light show proving a great success. In addition to numerous
dates in central Lazio. Participate in late 2010 to "Show - Concert " organized by
Sandro Cecchi e Carlo Fatigoni at the Museum of Roman Civilization in Rome for the
event Finissage SGUARDI SONORI . Famous for the concert Astronaut - Morricone .
As a lighting designer
2013 - Start the activity of lighting designer for live band , accompanying mainly the
all-female band BLACK MAMBA of Viterbo.

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