Marco Pochettino

Ready, Set, Fall

Marco Pochettino (03/13/1990 Giaveno (Torino), Italy) started his musical education at Associazione Culturale “Musica Più” in Bruino(Turin) , and continues his studies at the AMM with Furio Chirico(Arti e Mestieri, The Trip), and in June 2013 he got his degree. His musical activity started in 2003 with many local jazz, blues and folk bands; one year later he became co-founder of a Blink 182 cover band named “Silver Creep”, that performed in many local clubs; presently he is still performing occasionally with this band. In 2010 he took part in the metal core band project “Aspasia”, for which he has recorded the EP “Chasing the Sunset” and in 2012 he recorded all album “And everything slips away” by Living Corpse (Coroner Records); with this band he participated at Princess Ghibli compilation with two songs (“Mononoke Hime” and “Sanpo”) together with other bands such as Destrage, Disarmonia Mundi and Blood Stain Child (released only in Japan). Since 2012 he is Ready, Set, Fall!’s drummer, an alternative metal band from Genova; with this band he’s been touring the whole Europe to promote their upcoming album “Memento” (out on February 2014 via Lifeforce records). Marco Pochettino is also a teacher: since 2009 he has been teaching drums and guitar to children from the age of 5, and he has also supported his best pupils in the creation of a small rock cover band, teaching them how to work together on stage.

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