Mateusz Modrzejewski grooving w/ Maria Sadowska
WATCH IN HD / CLICK "SHOW MORE" FOR DESCRIPTION Some grooves and a short solo from recent shows with Maria Sadowska. I have replaced her full-time drummer and my good friend Bartek Nazaruk for some gigs and they were a blast to play. Be sure to check out Maria's new CD "Jazz Na Ulicach" and go to the show if there's one near you!

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I'm using a small kit and my faithful set-up of Istanbul Agop cymbals, including 13" Turk hats, a 16" Turk crash, a 16" Xist ION crash, a 20" Turk jazz ride and a 8" Trash Hit. This set-up works fantastic for me in many different situations and gives me exactly the sounds I like and need. I'm also using Pellwood drumsticks.

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