MM & Friends - Ain't Nobody (like Monika)
So, I've made a surprise music video for my wonderful girlfriend Monika's birthday. Ain't Nobody has always
been kind of "our song", so what else could I do than to form a band and play this great tune for her? :-)

This video would not have been possible without our friends, whom I wish to deeply thank
for their enthusiasm for my idea. Words cannot express how blessed and honored I feel to have such friends. I love you all.

Justyna Paprota - vocals
Bart Sosnowski - vocals
Michał Milczarek - guitar
Bartek Łuczkiewicz - bass
Wojtek Łańko - bass
Przemek Zalewski - keyboards, arranger
Damian Pietrasik - keyboards
Marcin Odyniec - tenor & alto saxophones
Karol Dzienisiuk - hand claps
Ola Adamska - hand claps
Marta Helena Kubik, Joanna Madejska, Gosia Auron - wishes, hapiness and love
Robert Szczytowicz - sound engineering, video, hand claps
Piotr Szumski - mix, mastering, video
Paweł Sawicki - video editing

And yours truly,
Mateusz Modrzejewski - drums, hand claps, producer, director, executive producer, co-arranger, goofing around and all sorts of other stuff

Extra special guest appearance by Marcin's daughter, Róża Odyniec!

Recorded @ Quality Studio, Warsaw
September 2015
I play Istanbul Agop Cymbals and I'm damn proud of it
"AIN'T NOBODY", originally by Chaka Khan, is the property and copyright of its rightful owner(s). I claim no ownership of the song. This is a non-profit video made solely for the purpose of entertainment, study, musical practice and wishing my girflriend happy birthday.
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