Burak Gürpınar


Born Istanbul, March 23, 1975. Finished Marmara University (B.A. in Industrial Product Design) (1997) Started playing drums in the basement of my apartment with a band I formed with friends (1989) Performed with bands such as Virus, Badluck, Blue Blues Band, and The End during high school years Joined Not With My Sister in 1994 covering alternative rock songs in important clubs in Istanbul Later on joined Cockroach which had a large audience in Istanbul and continued covering alternative rock songs. Established my own rehersal studio in 1995 and started playing with Kurban Kurban released its debut album in 1999. Designed the cover of the album and created the bands website (First official music band site in Turkey) In 2003 Kurban released its self-produced album Sert Played the drums for the recording of Teomans album En Güzel Hikayem in 2004 Toured with Mor ve Otesi in Turkey, in 2004 Kurban released its third album, Insanlar, in may 2005 but 2 months later we decided to give an end to our musical carrier as a band and to carry on different projects and solo albums. Joined Athena, fourth winner of Eurovision Song Contest in 2004, and performed the drums of the bands album Athena in 2005 and "IT" ep in 2006. Kurban has reformed in December 2006 and toured Turkey in 2007 Feb. In December 2007 Kujo was formed. As Kujo we spent whole winter-spring jamming and recording live improvisations. In 2009 recorded "Sahip" album with Kurban. As visual works I designed Kurban's 'Kurban', Ters-Sert', 'Sahip'; Panik's 'Almayan Böyle Olsun', Direc-t's 'Rus Kozmonotları' album covers and logos, various posters for Kurban, The Climb, Hücum Kedi and edited several videos including teasers for Kurban and the music video for 'Yosma'. I endorse Istanbul Agop cymbals

Istanbul Agop XIST Brilliant Crash XIST Xist Brilliant Crash
Xist Brilliant Crashes have a papery att...