Cymbal Care & Selecting Tips

Always transport and store your cymbals in a high qualitly padded cymbal bag or protective cymbal case.

If possible, use a bag or case with cloth dividers to prevent scratching.

Always choose your cymbal models and sizes according to the music you play and your own playing style and dynamic.

As a general rule, larger and thinner cymbals are darker and have a lower perceived pitch. Smaller or heavier cymbals tend to have a higher percieved pitch and are more able to cut.

Avoid playing directly into the edge of your cymbals.

Even a slight tilt of your cymbal stand will make a substantial difference.

Avoid overthightening your cymbals.

Allowing them to move more freely enhances tone, projection and durability.

Avoid metal to metal contact.

Always use sleeves and felts on your cymbal stands.

Use a soft cloth to remove remaining fingerprints, moisture and dust after playing.

Doing this will simplify the cleaning process later.