Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story of Istanbul Agop Cymbals?

You may find the brief history of us at the link “About”.

Where is Istanbul Agop Cymbals located?

Istanbul Agop Cymbals main office and factory is located in Istanbul, Turkey and our US. Headquarters is located in California,US. You may find the contact information at the “Support” link.

Can I have some catalogs & stickers?

Of course! Please find the nearest dealer to you from “Support” link and send an e-mail to them. They will be glad to help you.

How must I use & care for my cymbals?

Cymbal care is a very important matter; it affects sound, life-time and look of the cymbal. First things first; choosing the right cymbal for yourself would increase the life-time and avoid possible breakages. Our production line contains cymbals for every genre. Another important point is the techniques you play cymbals; a full stroke hit directly to the edge may harm your cymbal. Striking off center like a slice help to avoid breakage and to extend the life of your cymbals. Do not over tighten the wing nuts and always let the cymbals stay flat or just with a little angle on the cymbal stands. After playing, wiping them by a soft cotton towel with a little amount of warm water (and maybe with some soft cleaner like soap but nothing harsh like chemicals) and drying afterwards would help you to keep your cymbals safe for much longer time. Besides the time you use them, keep your cymbals seperated from each other by soft materials such like a piece of cloth or a towel and keep them in a case or bag to prevent them from external effects. Always carry your cymbals with a cymbal bag or a hardcase.

How are Istanbul Agop Cymbals produced?

Please check out “Factory Tour” section under “About” link.

What are the requirements for being an Istanbul Agop Endorser?

The main criteria for becoming Istanbul Agop Endorser is the love for our cymbals. Playing skills, reputation, potential, continuity of touring, chart rank of CD’s released, will for promoting our cymbals are the other important factors that affects endorsement consideration.

For International applications, send your application form to:

Akcaburgaz Mah. 40. Sok. No. 12 34522 Esenyurt/Istanbul/TURKEY
Phone: +90 212 8863303
Fax: +90 212 8863306

For USA and Canada applications, send your application form to:

1820 Industrial Street #109 Los Angeles, CA 90021
Phone: 213-622-1670
Fax: 213-622-2959