Cengiz Baysal


At the age of twelve, Cengiz Baysal began playing drums when Sarp Maden ,a leading guitar player in Turkey today, convinced him to start a band. It was not long before Cengiz took on drumming passionately and got serious with his music. Two years later, the band they formed with the addition of Alper Maral
and Tekin Kunt won first prize in a national competition held by the Milliyet newspaper. During that time, Cengiz took music lessons from guitarist Rene Macaroglu and drumming lessons from Cem Aksel. At the age of twenty, Cengiz went to the Percussion Institute of Technology in Los Angeles where he graduated with honors and received the “Most Improved Student” of the year award. Returning to Istanbul at twenty one, Cengiz had a chance to work with
many Turkish jazz greats like Kerem Gorsev, Imer Demirer, Neset Ruacan, Tuna Otenel and Emin Findikoglu.

The following year, Cengiz returned to Los Angeles City College to pursue further music studies and soon after he became the drummer for the L.A.C.C. big
band. During his L.A.C.C. studies, Cengiz received many awards and scholarships such as the “Albert Scholarship”, “Clausen Scholarship”, “Outstanding
Scholastic Achievement Award” and the “Outstanding Service Award”. In 1995, Cengiz received his A.A. degree from L.A.C.C. and transferred to Berklee
College of Music where he earned a merit scholarship. At Berklee, he studied with Casey Scheuerell, John Ramsey, Jamey Haddad, Ed Uribe and Kenwood
Dennard. He attended prestigious ensembles like the Art Blakey Ensemble with Bill Pierce, Thad Jones Mel Lewis Big Band and the Hal Crook Jazz Improv
Ensemble. During his studies, Cengiz managed a very active work schedule back in Istanbul taking some semesters off. He established himself as a studio
musician and continued performing with Kerem Gorsev. In 1998, he graduated “Summa Cum Laude” from Berklee College of Music with a B.A. in Performance.
After graduation, Cengiz spent a year in Los angeles where he worked as a TA at the Musicians Institute and became a Los Angeles City College Advisory board member. In LA, Cengiz performed locally with artists such as Sam Riney, Eldad Tarmu, Lazslo Cser and continued touring with his Berklee connection
band “Audio Fact” who featured stars like Tiger Okoshi, Fernando Huergo and Okay Temiz.

In 2000, Cengiz made his return to the old world with a Ron Affif tour in Turkey and Israel. Since then, he has remained in Istanbul developing his craft and
getting ready for the next gig, concert tour or festival abroad. Some of the international festivals and performances include; North Sea Jazz(2002), Blue Note
N.Y.(2002), Montreux Jazz(2003), Jazz a Vienne(2003), Ethnosur(2003), Vilnius Jazz(2005), Rocella Jazz(2006), Joe Zawinul’s Birdland Vienna(2006),
Umbria Jazz(2008), Beale St. Music Festival(2008), Rock and Coke Istanbul(2009).

Cengiz worked as a full -time music instructor at Istanbul Bilgi University from 2000 to 2006. After spending two more years as a part-time teacher, he had to
stop teaching due to the demanding schedule of the Turkish rock band Duman. During his years in Istanbul, Cengiz recorded two solo albums. His first album,
“Yildizlarin Ustunde” came out in 2002. The CD was listed as one of the most liked albums by Jazz Magazine’s readers poll. Cengiz was also listed as one of
the ‘Best drummers’ and was voted one the ‘Best composers’ by the same readers. His second album, “Candy and Milkshake” was published in 2005.
Between 2005 and 2007, Cengiz has been the house drummer for the prestigious Istanbul Jazz Center. Being the house drummer, he had the chance to work
with great artists such as: Lee Konitz, Mark Murphy, Dave Samuels, Alan Harris, Eve Cornelius, Chip Crawford, Dena De Rose and Paula West. Notable artists
that he has worked with as a sideman include : Mercan Dede (2003 European tour), Kerem Gorsev, Oguz Buyukberber, Ayse Tutuncu, Demirhan Baylan,
Tuna Otenel, Okay Temiz and Izmir Symphonic, Cemal Resit Rey Big band, Nicholas Simion, and Nguyen Le.

Cengiz also recorded as a studio drummer for countless projects. One of these projects, the second studio album of the Turkish rock band Duman “Belki
Alisman Lazim” became a huge success and established the band as a leading rock band in Turkey. The band wanted Cengiz to record for their next studio
album “Seni Kendime Sakladim” and this album has become a miles stone in Duman’s career. In 2007, Cengiz was offered the drum seat for live erformances. His work with Duman was appreciated by larger audiences and he was listed as the ‘Best drummer in Turkey’ by Volume Magazine’s 2008 readers poll. In 2009, Duman put out a double album “Duman 1 and Duman 2”. Cengiz contributed two songs to the album and became a permanent band member.

Nowadays, Cengiz continues his career as a band member of Duman. In his free time, he plays some original jazz projects in the local jazz scene with his
own project the Cengiz Baysal Group and plays alongside musical artists: Kerem Gorsev,Imer Demirer, Selen Gulun Trio, and Demirhan Baylan . Cengiz makes
occasional appearances at the Istanbul Jazz Center supporting visiting international artists.

Cengiz Baysal is a contributor to music education as a clinician for Istanbul Agop Cymbals and as a columnist for Drum and Bass Magazine published in
Turkey. Each year, he holds several drum workshops nationally.

Cengiz has been endorsed by Istanbul Agop Cymbals since year 2000 andby Vic Firth drum sticks since april 2010.

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