Helge Preuss

Fint / Greg Copeland and the Soulgang / Studio

Helge Preuß was born and raised in Northern Germany. Already as a young child, Helge was beating rhythmically on everything he could get his hands on. At the age of 12 he put the pots and pans back on the shelves and committed himself wholeheartedly to his drumset. The moment that he received his first drum set he dedicated himself only to the drums. Not only he was spending countless hours in the rehearsal room, he was also playing a lot with local bands. At the age of 21 years old he moved to Hanover to study Music at the University of Music, Drama and Media in Hanover. He later continued his studies at the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg. His versatility as a drummer has enabled him to play drums for different bands with diverse musical styles. He is playing with bands such as "Fint", "Greg Copeland and the Soul Gang," "Khalif Wailin’ Walter" and "Vivie Ann," and is touring all over Europe. In addition to performing with various bands and pursuing other projects, he is also in demand as a studio musician and also as a producer.

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