Kuo-Chang Wong

Between The Savage / Fukugawa Gang / Zac Ninja

Kuo-Chang Wong is a Taiwanese drummer, mainly focusing on punk, hardcore, and other modern genre such as metalcore, progressive metal, etc. He is best known for his wide dynamic range, and massive punchy drum sound. Kuo-Chang started since 2010, after touring with few bands, in 2014 he started a melody hardcore band with his friends in collage, called “Between The Savage” and publish their first album ”It’s time to go” years later.

Even though Kuo-Chang is so addicted to the heavy music, he never stop expanding his capacity to service the music, he also inspired by blues, jazz, hip-pop, even traps, “Learning skills from different genres and making progress for overall skill set is the most beautiful part of playing drums” - Kuo-Chang Wong