Matt McDonough


Matthew McDonough is the drummer for heavy metal band Mudvayne. McDonough is the band's original drummer and has appeared and performed on every release by Mudvayne. He holds a respected place in the world of drumming for his signature drumming style.
Within Mudvayne, Matthew is the person who was probably the most influential in setting the direction for the concept themes on the band's first two albums. Matthew is also known for composing, recording, mixing, and mastering the electronic interludes on both L.D. 50 and The End of All Things to Come.
For his solo work, Matthew released his first album under the alias "MjDawn",called Frequency Response in 2008.In the album, he is experimenting with acoustic drumming and Electronica. Matthew, as MjDawn, also has several side projects both with ambient/electronica artist Vir Unis under the band name 'MiKroNaught' and with guitarist RFSans under the band name ultrAtheist.
On the production side of the music industry, he is co-owner of the label AtmoWorks together with Vir Unis.