Nedim Ruacan

EQHO, Ceylan Ertem, Session

Nedim Ruacan was born in 1979, New York U.S.A., while his parents were studying at Julliard (father; Neset Ruacan, jazz guitarist, mother; Nilufer Verdi, jazz pianist). He moved to Istanbul at an early age and started studying violin at classical concervatory, later switched to percussion department while playing drums in high-school bands. He earned full talent scholarship from Bilgi University Music Department and during his studies he started his own bands and pro recording sessions.

After he earned talent scholarship from Berklee College of Music, he moved to Boston to study and play with great musicians such as Jamey Haddad, Mike Mangini, Mehmet Ali Sanlikol and many more. After completing military service in Ankara with top musicians picked from Turkey, he became one of demanded touring/session drummers for his positive attitude, clean cut stage presence and hard work.
Worldwide touring and recording credits include: Kenan Doğulu, Ceylan Ertem, Sıla, Sezen Aksu, Sertab Erener, Yalin, Göksel, Demir Demirkan, Ozlem Tekin and many more..

He gave a TedX talk about the necessity of artistic approaches in every human-being, while reffering this to a natural "attendance".

He is obsessed with vintage drums and synthesizers and apart from touring he is working with his band EQHO (a synth-rock quartet) on their debut album.