Piero Perelli


Piero Perelli is a drummer, composer and sound explorer born in Tuscany, Italy.
Growing up in the Tuscan woods, nature was his first connection to sound at an early age, he often says that the sound of the river near his house and the trees were his first musical inspiration.
At age 19, he started touring all over Europe and USA with different bands, exposing himself to different cultures, breathing a very wide range of music.

Piero has relentlessly pursued diverse musical contexts, from free improvisation to compositions to film scores with international artists and musicians both live and in the studio: Robin Hannibal (four-time Grammy nominated producer, Kendrick Lamar, Little Dragon), Dana Fuchs (from the movie “Across the Universe” and Broadway show “Janis”), Jack Daley (Lenny Kravitz, Beyoncé), Pet Levin (Gregg Allman Band, The Blind Boys of Alabama), Craig Dreyer (James Hunter, Joan Osborne), Bisan Toron, Simone Giuliani (Andrea Bocelli, Cibo Matto), Federico De Robertis (Gabriele Salvatores, Carlo Vanzina), Antonio Gramentieri, Lyell Roader, Seth Ford (Tom Waits, Rocco De Luca), Matteo Buzzanca Andrea Biagioni, Niki la Rosa and many more.
He founded the band Emma Morton & The Graces with guitarist Luca Giovacchini and Scottish singer Emma Morton in 2016. Their album “Bitten by the Devil”, a psychotropic sound cocktail fizzing with jazz, roots-rock and folk contaminations features a number of great guests and was mixed by Grammy winner engineer Gene Paul.

“My experience on the road has allowed me to hone my musical dialect and strengthen my sound, timing and energy. I’ve lived and breathed the places where my favourite music was born and developed; I was able to really taste culture and history – I let myself be contaminated by those worlds which continue to amaze and inspire me.”

Dana Fuchs says:
“I have a reputation of being very hard on drummers and never keeping the same guy for more than a few months. That’s until I found Piero Perelli! Piero plays with the skill and wisdom of musicians twice his age – but with the unrelenting energy and passion of the 24 year old that he is. Piero has clearly educated himself by listening to every genre of music and finding the depth within each style. The music I tend to write is soulful, bluesy-rock but it really takes a drummer who understands Jazz, blues, soul, rock, r&b and even country to keep it interesting and alive for me. Piero is that guy and the best live drummer I’ve worked with so far. And there have been many…. :-)”

Piero Perelli is endorsed by A&F Drum, Istanbul Agop, Remo DrumsHead, Vic Firth, Big Fat Snare, Tackle Supply Co. and Stefy Line.

Robin Hannibal, Jack Daley, Popa Chubby, Dana Fuchs, Edoardo Bennato, Antonio Gramentieri, Niki La Rosa, Roberto Luti, Emma Morton, Luca Giovacchini, Carmen Vandemberg, Lyell Roader, Joel Van Dijk, Seth Ford, Thoma Drayton, Delilah Montagu, August Rosenbaum, Lyell Roader, Gabriele Evangelista, Danilo Gallo, Aaron Liddard Paolo Venturi, Nicola Peruq, Roberto Villa, Ines Sibun, Guitar Crusher, Jaime Dolce, Walter Latupeirissa, Barend Courbois,, Andrew Michael Ross, Tim Paters, Eric Van Oppen, Mia Cooper, Patrix Duenas, Gatti Mezzi, Giuseppe Scarpato, Rudy Rotta, ASHU, Matteo Buzzanca, Giuliano Dottori, Joel Holmes, Jon Diamond, Neco Novellas, Bob Fridzeman, Simone Giuliani, Badara Seck, Federico De’ Robertis, Gaudats Junk Band, Riccardo Onori, Michele Beneforti, Marco Bachi, Marco Galiero, Michele Papadia, Daniele Gigli, Rick Hutton, Andrea Biagioni, Nicola Fanucchi, Giulia Perelli, David Ragghianti, Effenberg, Paolo Pewe Durante, Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, Jordy Able, EuroBigBand Golden Brass (italia-Francia), compagnia RockOpera (Jesus Christ SuperStar, AbbaDream), Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concert with the symphony orchestra and many guests such as (Susanna Rigacci, Mirco Guerrini, Andera Tofanelli) What’s Hell.