Sigurd Johnk-Jensen

Blindstone / Caro

'Sigurd Jøhnk-Jensen is a danish drummer, mainly focusing on rock, and metal, and everything in between. Recording and touring with danish power rock trio BLINDSTONE signed on Grooveyard Records, and danish thrash/death metal band CARO. He also enjoys doing session work, playing with bands such as Meridian, Iron Fire, and recording for a bunch of other artists. Sigurd has studied with danish jazz/fusion drummer Henrik Engqvist, through music academy Denmark. When not playing the drums Sigurd also works as a freelance composer, composing music for film, and video games.
Currently Sigurd is active with David Reece ( Ex- ACCEPT ), touring with him on his recent Eat The Heat tour, and Davids coming Europe tour.

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Thin crash, with a very quick decay and...
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