Jerko Jurin


Jerko Jurin was born in the vibrant port city of Rijeka (Croatia), where he started playing drums in local bands at the age of 13. Following both his passion for music and technology, he enrolled in Computer Science studies at the University of Zagreb. He earned his Master's degree exploring various ways artificial intelligence can be merged with music composition and performance.
During his studies in Zagreb, he established himself as a versatile drummer in different genres, both live and in studio, and performed/recorded with various artists such as HGM A-Big Band (jazz), Šumovi protiv valova (experimental rock), Pavel (pop) and pastele (experimental hip-hop).
Inspired to broaden his musical skills, he pursued the Jazz Drums Performance degree at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (Austria) in 2016. During his enrollment there, he performed with various artists and big-bands, followed by his participation in the Jazz Ex-Tempore project with outstanding jazz musicians, such as Yazz Ahmed (UK) and Rosa Brunello (Italy), at the invitation of Croatian jazz guitarist and composer Elvis Stanić.
In 2018, he co-founded his main project - electronic jazz quintet Trokut. Trokut's music is intense, multi-layered and experimental, yet it always manages to keep a constant of simplicity and accessibility. The band released its critically acclaimed album Shapeless internationally for Rika Muzika (UK) in 2020. The album was nominated for the prestigious Croatian music award Porin and the band was nominated for the Jazz&Off award as the artist of the year. In February 2022 they released their EP Rotate, Align, which was promoted on their first international tour.
Over the years, he has performed live at prestigious venues and festivals, such as Jazz festival Ljubljana (Slovenia), Jantar Jazz Festival (Poland), Music Biennale Zagreb (Croatia), Donau115 (Germany) and MENT festival (Slovenia), and various television and radio shows, such as Porin, the Zagreb Festival and Croatian Radiotelevision’s New Year's program.
In addition to his band activities, he is a member of an experimental jazz trio Future Lounge, pop band marisol and frequently performs with various smaller jazz formations.