Sergio Fargas

Independent / Session

Sergio Fargas is a Spanish drummer born in Estepona (Andalusia) residing in Málaga. Since his beginnings in the various flamenco styles, he has toured theaters and festivals with different groups of the genre. After his first tour at the age of 17, he began touring the world with several renowned artists such as Raimundo Amador, O'Funkillo, Lin Cortés, LYA, Marina García, Manzanita, Pepe Bao Trío, Aurora Losada, Rafa Romera, among others...

In a self-taught way, he has developed a very personal style fusing from the most flamenco roots to neo-soul, Latin jazz, gospel / funk, pop.

He has recorded drum and percussion sessions for: Silvia Gorreta, Aurora Losada, Jony de Zorroza, Hugo Toscano, D3B Trío, Paco Javier Jimeno, Ana Fargas…among others

• D3B TRÍO is a personal project that marks a before and after in his career as a drummer, leading in the musical direction of the same together with the pianist Robert Chacón.

At the same time he is dedicated to teaching as a drum teacher at the Musisol Academy in Estepona (Malaga).

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