Juan Ordoñez


Currently graduated from a Bachelor’s degree of music in "Universidad Católica de SanJago de Guayaquil". Juan was born on January 2nd of 1992 in Guayaquil - Ecuador.
Juan has been playing drums since he was five years old in a church attended by his parents. At 7 years old, he began taking classes with Master Salas, a recognized Ecuadorian drummer in the 70’s.
He started his music career in Conservatorio Rymsky Korsakov in 2009, where he started taking classes with the recognized drummer Carlos Bravo.
Juan founded his own recording studio “The Groove StaJon”, specialized in recording drums. He is actually working with the international music label “La real sociedad”, which is associated with Sony Music Mexico.

Juan Ordoñez has played for several national and international artists such as: Greeicy - Josue del Cid - Gadiel Espinoza - Pamela Cortés - Clip - Jan Earle - Maykel - MonteSanto - Equilivre - Ren Kai - Deemo - Quino OrranJa - Jose Luis Orellana - Aaron Miller - Roberto Orellana - Jenny Villafuerte - David Triviño - Cadaver Exquisito - Daniel Betancourt - CEN Jazz Ensamble - El Cholo - Pamela Cortés - Nikki Mackliff - Jazz Voices - City Lights Church NY - La Iguana Invisible - La Chicha Power - Sergio Vivar - Toño Navarrete - CCI Honduras - Orquesta M. de Guayaquil - Mirella Cesa - Alejandro Jaén - Roberto Bolaños - Roberto Bolaños Jr - Diana Ávila - Jingle Jazz - Javo Valladares - Mar Rendon- Vianna - Stanly Parker- Guayaquil City Band - Shalom - A2h+ - Jan Earle - Kamada - Carolina Aguirre - Yilda - Daniel Betancourt - Equilivre Premios heat : Fanny Lu - Mirella Chesa - Americo -Dayanar

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