Feb 16, 2023

XIST Dry Dark Brilliant Cymbals now available in stores worldwide

XIST Dry Dark Brilliant series cymbals, a new and complimentary expansion on this distinctly modern and innovative XIST Dry Dark series. XIST Dry Dark Brilliant crashes are thin and malleable with a dynamic and explosive, higher pitched attack and a dark, very quick decay. They also make for a unique cutting but dry ride for lower volume music.  Slightly increased weights compared to original XIST Dry Dark models yield increased volume and projection while maintaining their own distinct and complex character. Hi Hats are dark and washy with a more pointed and crisp attack with increased volume compared to the original dry dark hi hat models. 

Models include 15 and 17 inch hi hats and 19, 21 and 22 inch crashes. Contact your preferred Istanbul Agop retailer to see and hear them in person, or watch and listen at https://istanbulcymbals.com/products.html?search=xist+dry+dark+brilliant