Amhed Mitchel


Amhed Mitchel started playing drums at a very young age under the influence of his father,a great Cuban drummer himself. From the 90's Amhed already was playing and recording with and for some of the treasures of the Cuban music like the Eight Grammy's award winner and creditor of many doctorates, the great "Chucho" Valdes, also one of the graters sax players and virtuoso of Cuba Cesar lopez , Guitar virtuoso Elmer Ferrer, Roberto Carcaces,.... just to mention a few. Also Played in the Grammy Award Nominated CD Featuring Carlos D'l Puerto.

Mitchel has travel to Many parts of the world throughout his musical career and internationally has played also with musical icons like The great Herbie Hancock, Wayne shorter, Dave Holland, Dianne Reeves and Leonel Lueke in the Closing concert of the Jazz festival of Tokyo(2004). Since 2006 Amhed resides in Toronto Canada and his usual gigs are with the Multiple Juno award Winner and Doctorate from The Queen's University Jane Bunnet, Multiple Juno Award winner Hilario Duran, The Elmer Ferrer Band, The Alexander Brown's Quintet, Ukrainian Violin virtuoso Vasyl Papadiuk among others.

At the moment Amhed is adding the finishing touches of his upcoming CD featuring The Juno award winner Pat LaBarbera, who has played with the Elvin Johns Band, Buddy Rich, Carlos Santana.... The CD includes also Robi Botos (TD Grand Jazz award winner), Elmer Ferrer (Cuban guitar Virtuoso), Dave Restivo ( 3-time winner of the National Jazz Awards' Pianist of the Year Award) and many great musicians residing in Toronto. His CD Would be ready to be Launched this coming May at the "LulaWorld festival 2013".

Amhed is Endorsed by Pearl Canada, and Istanbul Agop Cymbals

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