Traditional Series

Where it all began. Traditional Series Cymbals are completely lathed on top and bottom, producing rich, and warm overtones and a highly musical presence. They are available in weights ranging from paper-thin to heavy, offering a wide array of choices to complement any style of music.



Istanbul Agop Traditional Mini China Traditional China
Dark and trashy. Reponds quickly with an exotic, trashy character.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Trash Hi Traditional Trash Hit
A unique and creative lathing process gives the outer edge its warped and malleable quality.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Jazz Ride Traditional Jazz Ride
Musical and Omnipresent stick sound with a dark and dynamic wash with just the right amount of trash. Great for nearly any style of music.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Paper Thin Crash Traditional Paper Thin Crash
Warm, splashy responses with a full sound and a quicker decay.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Thin Crash Traditional Thin Crash
Responds quickly. Low and dark characteristics with a musical sound.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Medium Ride Traditional Medium Ride
An all purpose full bodied ride. Rich sounds, full stick definition and medium spread with a clear bell.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Ride Traditional Dark Ride
Warm stick responses, with a darker wash.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Splash Traditional Splash
Dark and warm with a papery attack.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Jazz Hi Hats Traditional Jazz Hi Hats
Clear and focused chick sound and sticking, with a musical dark wash and moderate volume.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Medium Hi Hats Traditional Medium Hi-Hats
Full bodied sticking soft and warm quality for all around use.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Heavy Hi Hats Traditional Heavy Hi-Hats
High pitched and high volume with dry stick responses.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Crash Traditional Dark Crash
Dark and punchy. Answers quickly with fewer high frequency overtones.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Mini China Traditional Mini China
Exotic, fast and bright with a quick response.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Medium Crash Traditional Medium Crash
Versatile and full sounding crash, with a longer sustain.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Heavy Ride Traditional Heavy Ride
Clean and focused stick response with a loud, clear and relatively dark ping.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Original Ride Traditional Original Ride
The thinnest of our Traditional Series ride cymbals, the Original ride offers wide harmonic and dynamic range.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Flat Ride Traditional Flat Ride
Excellent stick definition. Very tight responses with perfectly controlled overall sound.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Crash Ride Traditional Crash Ride
Open and smooth ride response, with a powerful and dynamic crash.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Hi Hats Traditional Dark Hi-Hats
The thinnest of the Traditional Series Hi-hats. A darker, lower pitched and more controlled open sound with a fatter, softer closed sound. Previously known as "Traditional Light"
Istanbul Agop Traditional Mini Hi Hats Traditional Mini Hi-Hats
Fast and cutting tight stick responses.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Cymbal Set Traditional Set
14" Medium hi-Hats 16" Medium Crash 20" Medium Ride Includes...