Bao Li

Feather, Liquid Oxygen Can, The Late Generation, Thin Man

As one of the outstanding professional drummers in China, Bao Li has been engaged in drumming for more than 20 years.

He successively played for Chinese local bands such as :“ feather,” “liquid oxygen can”, “The late generation”, and “Thin man”

Dabbed in Chinese drama and music, maintained long-term cooperation with China's most famous drama director meng jinghui, and participated in the creation of "First love" and "The mermaid by the Stagnant Water".

In 2015, invited by the well-known comedy company mahua funage, he participated in the production of the 2016 lunar New Year drama Prison Friends, and won high praise from the audience and the industry as the main actor. By the end of 2019, he had toured more than 600 shows nationwide.

Since 2013 he has been the endorser for TAMA, Evans, Promark, Gibraltar, SJC and Mackie Gear in China.

Istanbul Agop Traditional Medium Crash Traditional Traditional Medium Crash
Versatile and full sounding crash, with...
Istanbul Agop Agop Signature Crash Agop Signature Agop Signature Crash
Paper thin, dark, dry and low pitched.
30th Anniversary 30th Anniversary Ride
30th Anniversary Rides offer rich and fu...
Istanbul Agop Turk Ride Custom Turk/Turk Jazz Turk Ride
Solid, dry sticking with a raw bell. Min...
30th Anniversary 30th Anniversary Crash
Thin crash, with a very quick decay and...
30th Anniversary 30th Anniversary Hi Hat
Paper thin. Low pitched and quiet.