Bob Meyer

Bob Meyer Project

Performed on Joe Lovano’s Blue Note release and group, Viva Caruso. Also, his Symbiosis, Sinatra and More, trios and quartets. Currently leading The Bob Meyer Project, with Steven Frieder, Luke Franco and Peter Brendler. Recently released our CD Scabiosa; available on iTunes and CD Baby.
Among other people I have played or am playing with are; Joe Lovano, John Abercrombie, Ed Schuller, Ken Werner, Nina Sheldon, Judy Silvano, Perry Robinson, Glenn Moore, Cameron Brown, Andy Statman, Sheila Jordan, Ray Nance, Art Davis, Jaki Byard, Paul McCanless, Julian Priester, Gary Peacock, Peggy Stern, Bert Wilson, Diane Schurr, Stanley Cowell, Mal Waldron, David Friesen, Jim Pepper, Red Rodney, Itzhak Perlman, Arnie Lawrence, James Moody, Kirk Leitsey, Avishai Cohen, Wayne Horvitz, Drew Gress, Rob Scheps, Mike Bisio, Don Friedman, James Emery, Tony Malaby, Essiet Essiet, Santi Debriano, Vic Juris, Harvey Wainapel, Peter Barshay and Mel Martin among many others.

Now performing with my own group, The Bob Meyer Project. We are: Steve Frieder on Saxophones, Luke Franco, Guitar and Peter Brendler on Bass Violin and myself on Drums and Cymbals.

One of the most interesting and unique groups that I am part of is Alt.Timers- Denman Maroney Piano, Ratzo Harris on Bass Violin and me on Drums and Cymbals. We explore compositions written and played simultaneously in several time signatures.

Thirty five years teaching experience in New York and the West Coast.
I’ve taught all levels of Students, beginning to professional
Utilize in-depth and legitimate approach in teaching technique and mechanics
Specialized in musical application and interpretation on the drum set
Further Specialization in jazz
Many former students active professionally in jazz, rock, and funk

The International Center for Creative Music, founded by Arnie Lawrence,
Jerusalem, Israel, 1998-99
Played all over Israel and Palestinian Territories, with wonderful Israeli and Palestinian musicians, young and old
Played with visiting artists from Europe and the United States
Conducted master classes and taught privately

Viva Caruso, Joe Lovano, Blue Note records
Vocalese, Judi Silvano, featuring Joe Lovano, Blue Note recording
Chasin the Goal, Bill Sears, Rick Margitza
Cosmos, The Loren Stillman Project, (producer), Soul Note Records
Kaliedescopic Visions, Bert Wilson
The Next Rebirth, Bert Wilson
Rebirth at the Zoo, Bert Wilson
Further Adventures in Jazz, Bert Wilson
Outrageousness, Volumes one and two, Bert Wilson
Endless Fingers, Bert Wilson, Arabesque Records
Got a Song That I Sing, Greta Matassa,
Meshugge For You, Mazeltones
Avi Adrian, Avishai Cohen & Bob Meyer, (soon to be released)
Harvest, Nina Sheldon, Jazzed Media
Scabiosa, The Bob Meyer Project, self-released

Jack DeJohnette, Frankie Dunlop, Henry Adler, and Jim Chapin
Extensive private study (as an adult)

George Washington University, Washington D.C.
BA, History; minors in Music and Geology, June 1968

Hiking, XCSkiing, ecology, geology, history, and baseball

Born in 1945. Early influences: classical music, especially chamber music
and quartets, from Mozart to Bartok.
First heard jazz in 1950 (Kenny Clarke, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie,
and Thelonious Monk.
Began study of music at age of five.
Bob lives with his wife Jody in Cortlandt Manor, New York.

Joe Lovano: Symbiosis; Sinatra and More
Symbiosis, with the sprawling energy of drummer Bob Meyer¦ delivered
complete musical statements.
--Boston Globe

Drummer Bob Meyer is accurate and inventive
--Los Angeles Daily Variety

The Music benefited from the crisp drumming of Bob Meyer.
--Minneapolis Star Tribune

Rhythmically charged with drummer Bob Meyer.
--Lloyd Sachs, Entertainment Critic

Wayne Horvitz Trio, How could he go wrong with a rhythm section of Michael
Bisio on Bass and Bob Meyer on Drums? I was awed by the complexities of
rhythm made simple by this master of the trap set. His left hand snare
technique is incredible, adding to his uncanny ability to increase
intensity while maintaining a low volume level.
--Earshot Jazz (Seattle)

Mal Waldron, Meyer added color changes with his ride cymbal. During
Moore’s bass solo Meyer displayed exceptionally skillful playing, using his
snare in clairvoyant unity with Waldron’s left-hand comping
--Earshot Jazz (Seattle)

Bert Wilson/Rebirth, Drummer Bob Meyer has to be singled out for his
excellent work.

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