Carlos Melena

Carlos Melena Sánchez. Drummer, producer, teacher and drum doctor (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Carlos Melena Sánchez was born in Buenos Aires on February 1, 1973, at 15 years of age he first approached music and playing drums, Developing his career as a professional and independent musician until today. Having a great variety of recorded albums, countless national and international shows, his first studies were in the S.A.D.E.M. Then he took private lessons with drummers of the likes of Horacio Veros and Daniel Volpini. He traveled through South America incorporating native rhythms from each country and studying at the national school of Quito "Ecuador"

Some of the artists he participated with are: Bernard Fowler (singer of the Rolling Stones), Darryl Jones (bass player of the Rolling Stones), Dyango, Celeste Carbarllo, Gabriel Marián (former Rata Blanca), Coral, Saibo, Patricio Giménez, etc. He was also a stable member of bands like Gazpacho, Hijos del Oeste, El Tr3n Percusión and Los Pepas Rock'n'Blues among others.

He also have his own Drum Related YouTube show called “Taller Bateria” where he interviews local and international artists in a cool and decontracted way, yet always educational.

Currently he is working as a session drummer and music producer in various projects, he teaches drums and is Drum Doctor.

He has his own studio where he records and deliver drum tracks and also records whole productions for different artists.