Carlos Bravo

Geanpiero, Nicole Rubira, Segundo Rosero, Luís Padilla and more

He was born on January 5th, 1983 in Santa Rosa town belonging to El Oro
province in Ecuador, he began to study drums at the age of 14 under the
guide of maestro Pablo Cherrez in Carlos’ native town. Later, he traveled to
Quito and graduated from Instituto de Música Contemporánea (IMC) Berklee
International Network belonging to San Francisco de Quito University.
He has been taught by: Eddie Mejía, Kent Byron, Sergio Reggianni, Pascoal
Meirelles, Gino Castillo, Adam Nussbam, John Hazila, Bob Tamagni, and many
more. He has attended to music clinics and seminars conducted by: Horacio
“El Negro” Hernández, Zoro, Julio Figueroa, Antonio Hart, Gary Cawnpell, Iñaki
Salvador, Antonio Sánchez, John Abercrombie, John Mc Clure, Paulo Moura,
John Riley.
Along his music career he has worked nationally and internationally with
bands and artists as: Geanpiero, Nicole Rubira, Luís Padilla, Ricardo Pita, Kat
Rangel, Toño Navarrete, Ricardo Willians, Quino Orrantía, Gabino Torres, Hugo
Idrovo, Sergio Sacoto, Francisco Terán, Daniel Betancourt, AU-D, Nikki Macklif,
Máximo Escaleras, Time Project Band, Danilo Parra, Fausto Miño, Maykel,
Christian Valencia, Andrés Valencia, Edhison, Fernando Vargas, Antonio Hart,
Ed Calle, Jorge Luís del Hierro, Pamela Cortés, Danzas Jazz, Jenny Villafuerte,
Paul Sánchez, Bolaños Jazz, Jaime Enrique Aymara, VAM Jazz Quartet, Andrés
Sacoto, Hipatia Balseca, Pablo Noboa, Los hermanos Núñez, Marqués, Las
Lolas, Israel Brito, Roberto Calero, Jazmín, Las Chicas Dulces, Las Tres, Gustavo
Herrera, Aurikan, Julio Zabala, Tercer Mundo, Estación Zero.
In 2009, he was part of “JAZZ ENVOYS” program; it was sponsored by American
Embassy, San Francisco de Quito University, and Jazz Masters Ecuador. Carlos
was chosen among many drummers from the whole country (Ecuador) to
integrate a jazz quartet in charge of giving jazz performances and seminars
around Ecuador. During the program he traveled to study the very well-known
Jamey Abersold´s Jazz Workshop taught at University of Louisville, KY, later, he
traveled to Washington to give a performance at the legendary Kennedy
Center along the jazz ambassadors.
He got a Graduate Master Degree in Education focused in Curricular Design,
driven only by his passion to discover new ways to study and share his
knowledge. His master degree thesis was a new methodology to teach jazz
drumming which will be published soon. Furthermore, nowadays he is getting
a PhD degree in Music at University of La Habana (ISA) in Cuba.
Nowadays, he combines teaching and music performance, he is full time
professor in the Music Department at Santiago de Guayaquil Catholic
University; Arts University and independent drummer of many music projects in
Ecuador, and additionally he is sponsored by very well-known trademarks and
companies such as: Prosonido, Percusión Ecuador y Drum Control.