Dan Aran

freelance. Natalie Merchant, Harry Whitaker, Junior Mance, Stacey Kent,Omer Avital, Dayna Stephens, Adam Birnbaum, Art Hirahara, Ray Gallon,pharaoh's daughter, Nick Hempton, Ed Cherry,Bianca Wu, Eti Ankri, John Di Martino, Ron Affif, and many others

Dan Aran has become one of the most sought after
drummers in New York City.
In addition to Touring, recording and performing
with artists such as Harry Whitaker, Natalie Mer-
chant, Stacey Kent, Adam Birnbaum and many
others, Dan leads his own quintet and is establishing
himself as a writer and bandleader.
Dan's debut recording as a leader "Breathing" (smalls
records), was described as “Disarmingly pretty, pure
in melodic focus.” - All About Jazz.
And as “One of the most beautiful recordings I have
heard in a long time.” – Pamela Espeland / Bebopi-
Dan's versatility and ability to play different styles is
what keeps him busy with a wide variety of bands.
He is a regular member of The Michael Arenella
Dreamland Orchestra, The Nick Hempton Band and
Itai Kriss's TELAVANA.
Dan is also an in demand dumbek player, and is
active in the world music scene.
Dan's musical journey started in his hometown of
Jerusalem. He graduated from the Rubin Academy
of Music high school and was already a busy drum-
mer in the Israeli music scene, playing with a
number of different groups including bassist Avishai
Cohen’s trio, the Amos Hoffman group, Omer Avital
and Arnie Lawrence.
Dan continued his education at the New School
University in New York City.
He graduated in 2004 earning a BFA in perfor-
mance and has been playing in major venues in the
U.S, Europe, the Middle East and Asia ever since.

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