Clint Kirby

Bonnie Bishop, Ryan Tharp, Jacob Furr

Talented and capable beyond his young 27 years, Clint Kirby is an artist, producer and drummer based out of Dallas, TX. With a pedigree grown from humble beginnings in small Midwest towns to balancing production for international clients, touring schedules local and abroad, Clint boldly represents the moniker, Modern Drummer.
Fearlessly rejecting labels, Clint can be found supporting 2-Time Grammy Award Winner, soulful songwriter, Bonnie Bishop; modern rock duo
Aranda; Northern Irish, Bluetree; gunslinger guitarist, Ryan Tharp; HipHop trendsetters, Adam&Kizzie and many others.
Equally at home in live or recording environments, Clint’s approach to music is to always bring an honest and open, but progressive spirit and ear to the music.
Lastly, Clint’s first full-length solo record is due to release in late 2020 which combines poet & spoken word artists inside the fusion of Jazz, R&B & Hip hop.
More information and details can be found at

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