Doris Rodriguez

Drummer of the city of Cuenca - Ecuador, Doris started playing when she was 15 years old with the influence of musicians such as: Mike Portnoy, Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl; and bands like Pantera, Megadeth, Dream Theater, among others.

1993 She started playing in student festivals.
1996 She was part of the alternative rock band Euforia, with which she recorded two songs that sounded strongly on the radio super 9-49 in the “Rock Nativo” project.
1997 She was part of the blues band Mala Yerba, with which she recorded three songs that were also played on the radio.
1998 She was part of the batucada group La Bandada de la Madre, with which she participated in some festivals.
1999 She was part of the female rock and blues band Stoikas, with which she recorded a song that was played on local radio stations.
2000 She was part of the groove metal band Carne de Cañón, being recognized as the first female metal drummer in the city.
2017 She was part of the experimental rock band Apolo Gavilán, with whom she recorded the video of the song "Adivino".
2018 She participated as an exhibitor at the Batakafest 2018 event held in the city of Cuenca.
- She is part of the female rock band Black Purple.
- She is part of the Ecuadorian drummer community.
- She teaches drum lessons to girls.
- She is working on her project as a soloist in which different musicians of the city will participate.

For Doris, the most important thing when being on stage is to
convey that strength and passion that she feels when she plays,
that her audience enjoys what she enjoys, that she can get infected
with those sensations that they release and transcend.