Erhan Seçkin


Erhan Seçkin was born in ankara 1977,was started his music career
while he was a little child as a piano player cause of his mother was a great piano player...
In 1988 he won the Ankara Government Conservatuary Percussion Division and
had lessons from Phillipe Garcia ( Eric Trufaz's Drummer). After 2 years
working with Phillipe Garcia, he started to work with Lecturer Haþim Yedican and he
moved directly to a upper class education, and he finished his school career at first
place in 1997.
In 1998 he started to his classical career at percussion division after he won Istanbul State
Opera& Ballet's exam and still he is a master chief of percussion division.
In addition to opera cause of his interest to jazz and fusion, he started to work with very famous
and important musicians to develop himself... He gave countless times concerts at international festivals...

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