Felipe Pipe


Felipe Ceballos aka Pipe Ceballos is a Colombian multi-instrumentalist and producer that currently performs live and in studio with Mexican Latin Alternative band Zoé.
Born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, Felipe grew up with afro-latin music influence even though his heart always belonged to rock n´ roll. He moved to California in the late 90´s where he collaborated with many artists such as The May Fire, Adanowsky, Lemon Sun, Mr. Little Jeans and others.
Felipe maintained to work actively as a drummer and producer with multiple acts in California until 2011, when he is asked to join Zoé on an 4 week USA tour. Earning a permanent spot with the group, Felipe relocates to Mexico City where he also served as drummer for Leon Larregui during the 2016 Voluma Tour.
Felipe is gearing up for a world tour as a multi-instrumentalist with Zoé in 2018.