Fidel Vargas

Session / Educator

At the early age of 11, he started playing the drums. Four years later he studied with the drummer Esteban Torres for 2 years, who taught him to obtain a technical development. Also he was part of some pop and rock bands.
At his 20s, he had a self-learning period of 4 years. During that time he worked on the theoretical and technical aspects of the instrument, achieving a better academic development.
In 2002 he worked as drums’ teacher at the Mozarte Music Institute; at the same time and place he studied music and two years later he was part of the Percussion studio which was directed by the teacher Carlos Alban. Down there he had the chance to study and work as the teacher assistant.
In 2004 he met the Cuban drummer Oscarito Valdez and took his Afro-Cuban rhythms’ course for two weeks.
In 2006 he studied in the Contemporary Music School at San Francisco University of Quito (USFQ). Among the drums’ teachers we can mention to: Sergio Reggiani (Argentina), Matt Witek (USA), Pascoal Meirelles (Brasil), Key Ychicawa (Lima), Michael Khin (Germany). Later on, he was part of the teachers’ team.
Since 2013 to the present, he is working as drums’ teacher in the Music School at UDLA (Universidad de las Américas).
In 2016 he’s got his Master's Degree in Music Education at the School of Arts of the University of Cuenca.