Fikri Yargıcı

Pitch Black Process

Pitch Black Process, formerly known as Affliction, consisting of Emrah Demirel, Emre Demirel, Kerem Inci and Fikri Yargici came to being in February 1999.

They released 4 albums and established a lot of "firsts" for Turkey.

Lastly; PBP went to Dugout Studios again in November 2015 for their 4th album. After 4 weeks of production “Derin” was completed as a result of amazing chemistry between the band and Bergstrand.

“Derin”, with 2 old and well-known Turkish songs’ covers and 3 English-Turkish mixed songs, is a very special album for PBP as the band never played a cover song even at their rehearsals.

For this different and unique album, for Turkey, PBP signed a deal with “Atlantis Yapım” which has been dealing with organization and booking operations of some very big Turkish artists including Teoman, MFÖ, Kenan Doğulu. “Derin” will be their first product as a label in the market.

For foreign operations of “Derin” such as licensing and distribution, PBP got signed by “EMP Label Group” which is established by legendary bass player, David Ellefson, of legendary band Megadeth.

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