Hosss Benítez

BIG MENU / El Kanka / Session

Hosss Benítez is a spanish drummer born in Algeciras (Andalucía) resident in Barcelona. For more than 10 years, he has been around the world and back playing for and recording with some of world renown artists including BIG MENU, Nathy Peluso, Rels B, El Kanka, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Maria José Llergo, Diego Amador, Dano, Lil Supa, Ca7riel, Paco Amoroso, Replik and more.

He graduated from Jazz and Modern Music at Liceu Conservatory (Barcelona) and since then, he has developed his own style that draws from jazz, hiphop, r&b, rock, soul, or flamenco.

BIG MENU, is his main personal project, an indisputable national hip-hop referent, mainly known for their journey through urban music, as well as for their undeniably powerful live performances where he develops his facet as a drummer, singer, composer and writer. Their eclectic hip-hop, nourished by soul, jazz, funk and electronic music, has established them as one of the most special and versatile bands within nowadays’ music scene.

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