Huet Thomas

Manosanta / June Milo

Born in south of France,he started drums at the age of 11.
After many years of touring he decided to move to Los Angeles to study at the Musician Institute with famous teachers like Chuck Silverman,Rob Carson,Joel Taylor,Scott Henderson and many more.
Back to Paris in 2008,where he's living now.
He meets the argentinian band Manosanta (EMI France) and starts to share his time between France and south america (mainly Argentina).
Tom keeps working with lots of artists in his country,making him play many styles of music (jazz,pop,world,electronic music...).
He also also teaches (demo and master-class for his sponsors) and produces music.
Thomas is proud to be an Istanbul Agop Artist since 2008.

Istanbul Agop XIST Crash XIST Xist Crash
Xist Crashes have a papery attack, and a...
Istanbul Agop XIST Hi Hats XIST Xist Hi-Hats
Xist Hi-Hats are crisp and focused with...
Istanbul Agop Agop Signature Crash Agop Signature Agop Signature Crash
Paper thin, dark, dry and low pitched.
Istanbul Agop Traditional Trash Hi Traditional Traditional Trash Hit
A unique and creative lathing process gi...
Istanbul Agop Sultan Crash Custom Sultan/Sultan Jazz Sultan Crash
Full, soft and colorful. Perfect combina...
Istanbul Agop Traditional Heavy Hi Hats Traditional Traditional Heavy Hi-Hats
High pitched and high volume with dry st...
Istanbul Agop Sultan Jazz Ride Custom Sultan/Sultan Jazz Sultan Jazz Ride
Warm, dark and trashy with a changing co...
Istanbul Agop Traditional Splash Traditional Traditional Splash
Dark and warm with a papery attack.
Istanbul Agop XIST Ride XIST Xist Ride
A more modern take on traditional Turkis...