Julie Saury

Julie Saury Trio

Julie Saury grew up surrounded by music and musicians such as Barney Bigard or Tony Scott, friends of her father Maxim Saury, famous clarinet player in France. As a child she studied the piano and followed her father in all the jazz festivals such as Nice and Antibes where she could listen to the most talented American jazz musicians. .. As a teen-ager, she began playing drums and started studying with her fathers’ drummer . She continued her studies singing with Stéphanie Crawford and Sarah Lazarus at the IACP and at the same time was the drummer for the school’s big band. .. In 1994, she studied a full year course at the University of Nancy with Frank Aghulon and André Charlier. .. She had also the opportunity to study in New York at the“Drummer’s Collective” working with Kim Plainfield , Adrian Santos ,Ian Froman. .. .. Also a latin percussionist, she became a member of a group called Rumbanana with wich she performed daily a télévision show for four years,and joined many other salsa and jazz Latin bands.She also plays in funk bands such as Daniel Romeos’ .. A pillar of Philippe Milanta’s trio and Laurent Mignards’ Duke Orchestra, she features in many line ups such as Teddy Edwards, Spanky Wilson, Sarah Lazarus, Benny Green, Red Holloway, Louis Smith, Turk Mauro, Johnny Griffin,Pee Wee Elis or Warren Vaché and Harry Allen in festivals such as Bayonne,Marciac ,Vienne, Ascona ,Jazzmandu in Nepal or in different New York jazz clubs. .. .. Currently the drummer for Rhoda Scott since 2004 with the Lady Quartet Project.She has been working with the talented Carine Bonnefoy, Deborah Tanguys’ quartet,Sebastien Llado quartet,Tricia Evy,Denny Illet,Julien Brunetaud,Nicole Rochelle,Yaité Ramos,Rafael Paseiro,Philippe Baden Powell,Felipe Cabrera,Lilian Bouté, Aurore Voilqué,Myra Maud,Antiloops,Anne Ducros,Sophie Alour,Sylvia Howard,Sebastien Giniaux.
Her first project " The Hiding Place" has been released in September 2015 in trio with Carine Bonnefoy and Felipe Cabrera.
A tribute about his father; "For Maxim A jazz love Story "was released in December 2016.

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