Matan Assayag

Shalosh / Hoodna Orchestra

(* 1987 in Jerusalem) began to play drums at the age of seven. Playing and recording with established artists, he started his career as a professional musician at the age of eleven.

Following his graduation at the Jerusalem Art School in 2005, he continued his studies with some of Israel’s most accomplished private teachers. At the age of 23 after finishing his military service he joined an honors jazz program of the Stricker Conservatory Tel Aviv, in collaboration with The New School in New York. Continuously working as an accompanying musician and member of various musical groups and projects he has mastered many genres, including jazz, rock, classical Indian music, and both modern as well as classical African music.
In the last years, Matan founded two musical groups: Shalosh and The Hoodna Orchestra as well as his own recording studio.
In only two years of focusing on the international music market, Matan’s primary band Shalosh has released three albums, performed over 250 international shows and master classes on important stages all over the world. (Porgy & Bess in Vienna, Ronnie Scotts in London, Jazz and Klezmer Festival in Paris, Jarasum Jazz Festival in South Korea, Yokohama Jazz Festival in Japan…)
The Hoodna Orchestra focusing on Groove Music with influences from Africa has released 2 LP albums, 3 7-inch singles, cooperated with some of the finest artist in the groove scene and performed in the biggest clubs and festivals across Israel as well as abroad. They are signed to the German label Agogo. (The Red Sea Jazz Festival, the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, Zorba, the Sderot Film Festival…).

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