Michal Dimon-Jastrzebski

Lao Che

Drummer of the Polish band Lao Che.
Lao Che was founded in 1999 and since then it has become a fascinating and original brand on the Polish music market. Over the years the band has become a member of the top leauge of rock/alternative bands in Poland. Each LP recorded by Lao Che marks a new chapter of musicial discoveries of the group, from historical rock concept albums "Gusla" and "Powstanie Warszawskie" to a vast array of modern electronical sounds explored on the latest records of the band.
Lao Che has performed numerously in Polish television, radio and has played hundreds of gigs in biggest clubs and on most well known festivals in Poland. They have also performed abroad and have been awarded many cultural awards as well as gold and platinum records for sales.
In 2012 Lao Che the President of Poland awarded Lao Che with state honours (Silver Cross of Merit) for their input into the modern Polish culture.
The band follows their path of success by recording new albums and playing concert all around Poland.
In his free time Michał participates in various projects as a guest musician and works as a session musician.

Michal endorses Gretsch drums also.

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Istanbul Agop Agop Signature Crash Agop Signature Agop Signature Crash
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