Peter Ivshin

Solar Wind / Alexey Chumakov Band / Horsepower / Pervoe Solnce / Dmitriy Ilugdin’s Trio / Anton Gorbunov’s Quintet / Pavel Chekmakovsky’s Quartet / Arkadiy Shilkopper Band / Krugliy Band

Peter Ivshin is one of the most demanded drummers in Russia, who plays in most of musical styles.
He is an incredibly talanted drummer, very energetic, positive, bright musician. He is a fan of jazz and fusion styles of music. Peter is a highly professional drummer who is always busy with recording and live sessions with a great amount of artists and bands: Chuck Loeb, Eric Marienthal, Dave Koz, Phil Perry, Brian Simpson, Zhanna Friske, Yulia Savicheva, V.Kuzmin, Total, etc. Also he is a constant participant of many music festivals.

Peter's technique is delicate, very accurate, full of details, played with clarity and passion. He demonstrates the wide dynamics of musical instruments, that's why he needs cymbals with full, rich, solid sound, with many musical nuances. Istanbul Agop cymbals were chosen to satisfy Peter's requirements. He could find his personal sound in 30th Anniversary, Mel Lewis and Cindy Blackman OM Signature series.

30th Anniversary 30th Anniversary Hi Hat
Paper thin. Low pitched and quiet.
Istanbul Agop Mel Lewis Ride 18 Mel Lewis Signature Mel Lewis 1982 Crash Ride
Clear stick definition. The flatter prof...
Istanbul Agop XIST Crash XIST Xist Crash
Xist Crashes have a papery attack, and a...
Istanbul Agop OM Ride Cymbal OM Signature OM Ride
The 22" OM Ride has a clear, slightly me...