Sandor Banfalvi


Sandor Banfalvi was born in Budapest, Hungary, on the 5th of April, 1978. He grew up in the little of village Aporka, not far from the capital and he was 13 when his parents bought him a drum kit, upon realizing that his passion for music might be more than a passing flame.

He was very keen on discovering the instrument and soon enough became part of the percussion division of the local music school. These years, under the professional and fun-filled education of Tamas Beredisz, gave him a huge push and a massive amount of basic knowledge to push him towards his future path.
Shortly after he was a member of several rock and metal cover bands before joining his first serious group, Wall Street. While he only played with them for just over a year, they played a plethora of live shows and he had the chance to do my first studio recording with them at the age of 19. This led to the formation of Neck Sprain, with whom he has recorded three albums and an EP. The band is inactive at the moment but have been an acclaimed and popular member of the Hungarian metal scene for over a decade; supporting acts like Deftones, Meshuggah and Slayer. These days He's playing in three different collaborations. He's been a part of the Akos Productions since 2002. Akos Kovacs is one of Hungary's prominent pop/rock artists, who's colourful musical world alongside his unique poetry has been wildly popular for decades now giving him the chance to achieve many musical goals of his with the wide range of genres Akos blends on every new album and live set.
Magma Rise has been around since 2009 with it's calm rock/metal tunes in 1970s fashion They have released two albums and a number of EP's over the years, and this sweet music took them to places like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Holland, the UK and Malta.
He joined Man in the Box in 2011. Man in the Box is an Alice in Chains cover band formed by good friends in order to pay proper tribute to their favorite band and the memory of Layne Staley.