Santi Herrera

Independent / Session

Santi Herrera, born in Rio Cuarto, CBA, has been playing the drums since the age of 6. Santi was first introduced to the drums by his family. A traditional form of Argentinean drums called “bombo” and began nurturing his passion and talents at his home playing local music with his father. During his earlier years of middle school, Santi moved to the full drum kit as we know it and started studying with Master Teacher, Hernan Tenreyro, who introduced him to a serious approach to drum practice and a variety of American and Latin American Rhythms and its roots; it was at that point Santi knew he wanted to be a musician.
He furthered his studies with numerous Master Artists like Hernan Martin, Pipi Piazzolla, Jota Morelli, Edu Giardina, Pablo Gonzalez and many more. Working on different areas of expertise in order to gain a more versatile and artistic approach.
Wasting no time Santi became an on-demand drummer in Rio Cuarto, CBA musical scene. And after a couple years he moves to Buenos Aires and began building his career at the Argentinean capitol music scene.
Santi has had the opportunity with many artists such as, V-One, Erica Garcia, Escucha Activa European Promotion Tour, The Echoes Project, Orion XL, LMV, Jardin Florido and many more.
Santi has been privileged to give back to the Argentinean drumming community and worked as educator at the Escucha Activa Seminar alongside his associates Lucas Vigo and Martin Campissi. A four months group seminar for drummers. This seminar has customized exercises, custom and effective study material, personalized work stations and a whole new and unprecedented experience for the drumming community.
He has been featured on recordings and productions with Erica Garcia, V-One, The Echoes Project, Jardin Florido, Rocio Sirri, Zalo, Gabriel Biusso, Escucha Activa, Onse, and many more.
He has his own studio and an association with Viet Music House, one of the most demanded recording studios on Buenos Aires where he records and deliver drum tracks for many different artists.

“I embrace my friends as the principal influence on my playing. Maximizing this influence to its full potential and playing in favor of music is the best thing I can do to give back to the world”

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