Shingo Okudaira

Shingo Okudaira The Force'

At the age of 9, he performed drums in a session at a jazz club. At the age of11, he released his debut album.
At the age of 24, he moved to New York to pursue his further growth as a jazz musician.
In his 19 years life in New York, he had collaborated with many musicians from his own generation to experienced veteran musicians, and was loved with his nickname 'SHINGO'.
While living in New York, he came to Japan on tour several times with his Shingo Okudaira New York Unit.
After moving back to Japan in July 2010, he regrouped Shingo Okudaira The Force and has started his edgy activities with his bands as a leader and drummer, who is now recognized worldwide as one of the genuine jazz drummers.
He has released 6 leader albums by now: 'Maiden Voyage' (1978), 'Kilifi' (1995), 'Maconde' (1996), 'Alisema' (1998), 'The Force' (2009) and 'I Didn't Know What Time It Was' (2013).

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