Sina Partovi


Occupation: Drummer, Drum mix man
Genres: Pop, Rock, Funk, Fusion
Years active: 2009 - present
Associated acts: singer Mehdi Moghaddam, singer Ali As'habi, singer Ali Abdolmaleki, singer Mehdi Yaghmaei, Tehran Wind orchestra, 30 instrumental symphonic orchestra, Messaya ensemble in genre of gospel conducted by Hanibal Yousef, singer Fereydun Asraei, singer Sina Hejazi, singer Rastak Halaj, singer Hamid Hirad, singer Omid Hajili (performed once in Dubai), Farzad Farzin, singer Babak Jahanbakhsh, Naser Cheshmazar great orchestra, singer Ali Yasini,
studio recordings with Faramarz aslani Madmazel and other projects, producing and sharing drumming tutorials on my social media, participation in first drums play along in Iran, participation in workshops of Claus hessler, Jost nickel, Wim De Vries, Jojo Mayer and got international certificates.

Istanbul Agop Turk Splash Custom Turk/Turk Jazz Turk Splash
Dark and raw with a quick, dry decay.
Istanbul Agop Turk Ride Custom Turk/Turk Jazz Turk Ride
Solid, dry sticking with a raw bell. Min...
Istanbul Agop Sultan Hi Hats Custom Sultan/Sultan Jazz Sultan Hi-Hats
Warm and focused sound with a clean stic...
Istanbul Agop XIST Ion Crash XIST Xist ION Crash
The symmetrically placed geometric holes...
Istanbul Agop OM Crash Cymbal OM Signature OM Crash
OM Crashes are paper thin, with an explo...
Istanbul Agop Turk Crash Custom Turk/Turk Jazz Turk Crash
Dry and raw. Trashy responses, with a qu...