Simon Rossen

Nicklas Sahl / Citybois / Alexander Oscar / Studio

Simon Rossen was born in 1993 and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.
He has worked with a range of artists and producers in television, radio, recording sessions and live. The past years he has been touring/performing with wellknown danish artists such as…
Aura / Nicklas Sahl / Citybois / Chinah / Alexander Oscar / Emil Kruse / Kesi and many more.

Simon grew up in a creative family and he started playing drums at a very early age, 3 years old. Hip-hop and R&B has been a big source of inspiration from the start and has made a great impact on his style of drumming. He is a full time musician known for his distinctive groovy drumming style where he mixing electronic and acoustic drums with big cymbals.

In his studio in Copenhagen he has recorded drums for artists such as Jonas Brothers (US), Sigrid (NO) and danish Citybois, Aksglæde, David44, Ericka Jane etc. and is currently working on new recordings to be released in near future.

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