Tiss Rodriguez

Bada-Bada, Catherine Ringer, Mayra Andrade

Tiss Rodriguez, drummer since he was a kid , grew up among the greatest jazz musicians in France , in the famous "Rue des Lombards" in Paris . He is a creative drummer that mix acoustic and electronic , influence by african roots and modern jazz he developped an unique sensibility and approach to the instrument.

He worked with artists like Catherine Ringer , Mayra Andrade, Sébastien Tellier, Shy'm , Etienne Mbappé , Juan Rozhoff, Cyrille Aimé, Spleen, Daby Touré .. and share the stage with great musicians like Pierrick Pedron , Dominique Di Piazza and Linley Marthe..

Tiss Currently Endorses:
Istanbul Agop Cymbals
Bay Custom Drums

Tiss favorite set up for most shows is:
15'' Mantra Hit Hat
15" Om Hi Hats
18" Epoch Crash
22" Agop Signature Medium Ride

Currently Touring with:
Mayra Andrade
Catherine Ringer

Currently Playing with :
Bada-Bada - Octave Lissner - Auxane