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Chris Tomlin

Timothy Robert Jones was born in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. He cut his musical teeth in church and school where he learned all sorts of styles, feels, and approaches to both the drums and keyboards. In high school and college, Timmy was a part of the drumline and percussion ensembles. He studied at University of Memphis earning a degree in both music and psychology. He played snare drum and became the drumline captain in both his senior years of high school and college. During that time he performed weekly on historic Beale Street and played with several local bands both on the road and in the studio. Timmy later moved to Nashville and joined a band called Remedy Drive. He toured hard with them for two years playing an average of 250 shows a year. He later linked up with Nashville duo, For King & Country. His second gig with them was the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. After joining their roster, the band won two Grammy's including the Album of the Year award for "Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong." After spending five years on the road with them he decided to leave the band to pursue other musical avenues. He played with LA based rapper Propaganda, also LA based David Ryan Harris (guitarist for John Mayer), Nashville artists by the name of Trala and Muddy Magnolias, and many more until just recently joining up with Chris Tomlin who has sold over 8 million albums worldwide. Tomlin is also the first Contemporary Christian artist to reach 1 billion streams on Pandora. To best represent the many different styles of music that he plays both on the road and in the studio, Timmy chooses Istanbul Agop Cymbals. To him, they produce by far the most musical and diverse sounds he has ever heard. Timmy also endorses C&C drums, Shy Baffles, and Innovative Percussion drumsticks.

live credits include:

Remedy Drive, Chris Tomlin, for King & Country, Riley Clemmons, Muddy Magnolias, KB, Andy Mineo, Kevin & Bethany Paige, Terry Mike Jeffrey, Jamie Randolph and the Darkhorse, Moriah Peters, Myla Smith, Jesi Kettering, Jeremy Camp, Jordan Critz, Blake Bollinger, Fireworks Over London, Steve Wiggins, Casting Crowns, Skillet, Propaganda, Rebecca St. James, Meredith Andrews, Laura Story, So She Sang, Lauren Daigle, Jesi Jones, Trala, We Are Messengers, David Ryan Harris, Jessy Wilson, Nicole Boggs and the Reel, Alex Kramer, Ryan Wingo, Tim Halperin, Mackenzie Wasner, The Handsome Loners, Ezra Salmine, Matt Hales (Aqualung)

Favorite Setup:

16" 30th Anniversary Hi Hats
22" Traditional Medium Crash
24" Traditional Dark Crash
24" OM Ride

Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Crash Traditional Traditional Dark Crash
Dark and punchy. Answers quickly with fe...
Istanbul Agop 22 Sterling Ride Sterling Signature Sterling Crash Ride
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Istanbul Agop XIST Hi Hats XIST Xist Hi-Hats
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Istanbul Agop Turk Jazz Ride Custom Turk/Turk Jazz Turk Jazz Ride
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Istanbul Agop Clap Stack Set Clap Stack Signature Clap Stack
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Istanbul Agop XIST Ride XIST Xist Ride
A more modern take on traditional Turkis...
Istanbul Agop XIST Crash XIST Xist Crash
Xist Crashes have a papery attack, and a...
Istanbul Agop Sultan Hi Hats Custom Sultan/Sultan Jazz Sultan Hi-Hats
Warm and focused sound with a clean stic...
Istanbul Agop Mantra 15" Hi Hats Mantra Signature Mantra Hi-Hats
Versatile - A little bit brighter than t...