Martin Campissi

Independent / Session

Argentinian drummer, percussionist, singer, and producer with over 25 years of experience, Martin Campissi has forged a distinguished career in the musical and educational fields. Born in San Andrés de Giles, Buenos Aires, he relocated to the Federal Capital in 2008, where he developed his career as a musician. Since 2023, he has been residing in Valencia, Spain.

As a session drummer and percussionist, he has been involved in numerous musical projects, both in the studio and live, spanning genres such as rock, pop, folk, tango, Brazilian music, among others. As an educator, he has toured Argentina, Ecuador, and Spain, providing masterclasses, clinics, and seminars.

Recently, he released his book "ChacarereanChops," where he introduces a new perspective on incorporating the bombo legüero into Argentine and Latin American folkloric drumming. Martin is Co-founder of Escucha Activa, the first intensive drum seminar in Spanish, and a founding member of the choreographic percussion school Estacatto. In 2005, he assumed the role of director at Drumsweb, a website dedicated exclusively to drummers and percussionists in Latin America. There, he organized masterclasses, clinic tours, and festivals, in addition to contributing to the creation and distribution of study materials, as well as conducting interviews with prominent drummers worldwide.

In 2023, he founded the Peña del Reencuentro in Valencia, Spain, sharing the stage with renowned artists from the world of Argentine folklore.

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