Lucius Borich


An Australian born musician started playing drums at 3 years of age in his family home. With a steady diet of musical styles ranging from jazz, funk to blues and heavy rock, listening to all the greats became an obsession throughout his younger years of practicing and learning to play the drums.

At age 16 Lucius left school to start playing professionally with local cover & original bands around Australia and New Zealand working & touring four to five nights a week with some of Australian best and biggest musicians at the time.

By the age of 19 Lucius played in a major theatre production around Australia called The Buddy Holly Show. Performing this show would see him work his hands and feet playing eight shows a week for two years straight.

Once the contract ended with the Buddy Holly Show & shortly after Lucius joined Juice a new upcoming act signed to a major record label. Juices psychedelic prog rock & funky retro sound was to gain attention within the Australian music industry which would see them tour supporting legendary Australian acts INXS, Hoodoo Gurus plus overseas acts Radiohead & The Tea Party to name a just a few.

Around this time and looking for more dynamics in his playing Lucius also joined The Hanging Tree a punk rock metal style act which went on to capture the live underground alternative music scene in Australia. The Hanging Tree found their way supporting major touring acts such as Fear Factory & Aussie legends The Screaming Jets. They also earned a spot on Australian radio station Triple J and delivered a blistering performance at the now famous live at the wireless. With a new self titled album The Hanging Tree set the tone and bar for what was to become the popular heavy distorted music genre in Australia.

Looking for more dynamics in his drumming and songwriting abilities and tying the knot to earlier musical influences Lucius at the age of 29 started his very own original project the progressive rock band COG. This would see his passion for more intricate odd timings and progressive arrangements within COGs music. Adding sampling and electronics to his drumming hybrid drum kit this type of fusion style of dynamics the progressive rock music of COG would put Lucius at the top of his game. Lucius enjoyed multiple covers on Australia’s biggest drumming magazines Drumscene and well deserved spots on the biggest touring drum festivals around Australia co headlining with some of the world’s best.

COG would go on to produce 2 x Australian Gold Albums both recorded in the United States of America plus a number 1# ARIA award for best musical DVD The sound of three - 12 years with you, which Lucius produced.

Albums The New Normal released in 2005 and the follow up successful album Sharing Space in 2008 COG would tour Europe & America as well as playing on every major main stage festival throughout Australia.
This was to cement COG as an independently huge success in the Australian music scene.
To this day the band continues selling out shows around Australia 20 years on.

2024 and Lucius continues to push his musical abilities as engineer & recording producer at his recording studio Keysound Studios
in Byron Bay Australia. Also as drum teacher is helping others to learn the craft. With on going sessions with local projects, artists and bands there’s always playing to be done in his continuing pursuit for understanding the rhythm & dynamics within drums & music.

His love and passion for creating music is a way a life.

Endorsed by brands Lucius chooses to play enjoy and use:

Istanbul Agop Cymbals
DW Drums
Evans Drum Heads
Pro-mark sticks
Roland Electronics
Rode Microphones

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