Cale Parks

Yeasayer, Studio

Cale Parks is a drummer, solo producer, and composer currently living in Kansas City, USA. Cale has appeared live or in studio with...

Yeasayer (Mute/Secretly Canadian)
Aloha (Polyvinyl)
Passion Pit (Columbia)
Chet Faker (Downtown/Future Classic)
Chrome Sparks (Future Classic)
Tanlines (True Panther/Beggars)
Nicolas Jaar (Other People/Clown & Sunset)
Joan of Arc (Polyvinyl)
John Cale (Velvet Underground)
White Williams (Domino)
Steve Moore (Kompakt/L.I.E.S.)
Gordon Voidwell
Cex (Tigerbeat 6)
Pit er Pat (Thrill Jockey)
Chin Up Chin Up (Suicide Squeeze)

Cale endorses:
Istanbul Agop Cymbals
C&C Custom Drums
Vic Firth Sticks

Istanbul Agop Traditional Trash Hi Traditional Traditional Trash Hit
A unique and creative lathing process gi...
Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Crash Traditional Traditional Dark Crash
Dark and punchy. Answers quickly with fe...
Istanbul Agop Agop Signature Ride Agop Signature Agop Signature Ride
Dry stick definition with warm and compl...
Istanbul Agop Turk Hi Hats Custom Turk/Turk Jazz Turk Hi-Hats
Dark and dry. Tighter and more focused w...
Istanbul Agop Turk Crash Custom Turk/Turk Jazz Turk Crash
Dry and raw. Trashy responses, with a qu...
Istanbul Agop Turk Jazz Ride Custom Turk/Turk Jazz Turk Jazz Ride
A thinner weight and wider bell shape gi...
Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Hi Hats Traditional Traditional Dark Hi-Hats
The thinnest of the Traditional Series H...
30th Anniversary 30th Anniversary Hi Hat
Paper thin. Low pitched and quiet.