Can Sürmen

Son Feci Bisiklet / Alarga / Öfkeli Kalabalık

Born in Ankara in 1990. Can started playing drums when he was 14. He took drum lessons from Durul Gence for a short while. He won awards with his high school band. He played for a heavy metal band called Mental Implant in his early years of drumming.
In 2011 he graduated from Basket University, Management program. During his university years he performed in various clubs with his band Motto. He won the best drummer award with the band at 18. Roxy Music Days. They recorded a single called ‘’Beni Yormasan’' for the band later that year. In 2012 he met with Arda Kemirgent and they formed Son Feci Bisiklet. He played drums for the band’s all 3 albums Son Feci EP, Vesaire and Kötü Şeyler and 5 singles. They are touring all around Turkey and playing at various clubs and festivals. He joined a band called Alarga in 2014. They recorded 2 albums together. They performed in Ankara and İstanbul at different clubs. Other than that, he played drums for a band called Öfkeli Kalabalık in their studio recordings and some of their live shows.

Currently he is playing drums for Son Feci Bisiklet, Alarga and Öfkeli Kalabalık and he is a drum instructor.

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